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BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE (Interactive edition)

What was it like to be part of The Beatles last session? What was the inspiration for The Who’s album cover for “Who’s Next?” How did the Rolling Stones 1969 concert at Altamont turn into a tragic disaster?  In this ambitious tale of rock ‘ n roll history, photographer and author Ethan Russell takes you on a journey that transfixed a generation.


In BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE ("The first interactive, socially-enabled, multi-media, cross-platform eBook.") Russell uses his experiences to connect with others and to bring to life and examine the little understood generation which followed what would later be called The Greatest Generation.


With over 400 links, readers will enjoy never-before published images, access to video, and discover the true story behind many infamous album covers.


In the Foreword, Rosanne Cash writes “Ethan lived at the epicenter of a cultural storm of music, art, politics, power, change, evolution, violence and love that was unprecedented and will never come again in the way that it did, because we could never again experience such a quantum shift around us with such innocence and willingness to be changed. It has been a long time since we were unguarded enough to revisit the magnitude of that storm without cynicism…..an ambitious, startling, game-changing book.”



LET IT BLEED (Collector’s Edition)

“You think you’ve seen all there is to see of the Rolling Stones. You haven’t. Ethan Russell’s photographs reveal a completely different side to the band – relaxed, unguarded and light years away from any rock-star posturing. The only way you’d get closer would be to join them on tour.”  -- London Sunday Times


Over six years in the making, this has been called the “best Rolling Stones’ book ever.” With over 400 pages and 600+ photographs, LET IT BLEED tells the behind the scenes story of only sixteen people (five of whom were Rolling Stones and one of whom was Ethan Russell) who crisscrossed the United States in November of 1969, on a musical journey that ended with tragedy at Altamont. “To say it changed my life would be a laughable understatement,” said Russell.

Photographing every facet of the experience, Russell records the largest rock & roll tour at the time – from ecstatic crowds with arms outstretched to the quiet moments back stage, to the last-minute free concert at Altamont where, by night’s end, musicians and fans alike were beaten by the Hells Angels.


• 420 pages, weighs over 20 pounds

• When closed, the book measures 12” x 13” x 3”; an impressive 30” wide when opened plus panoramic fold-out measures 44 3/8” x 12”

• Interior pages are printed on heavy weight, matte coated stock, imported from Belgium

• Smythe sewn into the hard case cover and finished with a red and black head and foot band

• Color and black-and-white photos are printed 4-color process with images varnished

• Black & white halftones are overprinted  with metallic silver and images are varnished

• Lifter and page marker is an elegant black, grosgrain ribbon

• The interior of the portfolio has a die cut insert to hold and protect the free handmade 11” x 14” print-- signed and numbered synchronously with the book (a $990 value)

• The book is hand assembled with edges that are wrapped in beautiful red T-Saifu fabric imported from Japan

• The title on the spine of the cover has a deep blind deboss

“A rich portrait for the ardent rock lover.”

– The Los Angeles Times


BUY DELUXE EDITION (Only 750 in print)


• Includes a FREE handmade 11” x 14” print-- signed and numbered synchronously with the book (a $990 value)

• Boxed in an impressive 16-3/4 x 19 x 5" clamshell case that is also hand assembled with edges that are wrapped in beautiful red T-Saifu fabric imported from Japan

• The title on the spine of the box has a deep blind deboss

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BUY STANDARD EDITION (only 1850 Printed)


• Packaged in a full color slipcase (instead of a hard clamshell case)

• Does not include a handmade, signed and numbered print (a $990 value)

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LET IT BLEED (Trade edition)

An excerpt of LET IT BLEED, Collector’s Edition, it’s been edited to 256 pages and comes personally autographed by Ethan Russell.


BUY Trade edition $55



DEAR MR. FANTASY: Diary of a Decade: Our Time and Rock and Roll (out of print).

Ethan Russell’s first book, it’s an entertaining account of life in the fast lane of rock and roll. Filled with 300+ photographs and stories of music legends — The Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Who, among others.


• Hardcover

• 253 pages

• 11.2” x 8.6”

• Weighs 2.6 lbs.


“His sensitive memoir of those years evokes vividly the essence of a generation that ‘welcomed Mr. Fantasy into our lives with a sense of joy and celebration.’” – Publisher’s Weekly