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ETHAN RUSSELL PHOTOGRAPHS. 244 pages + end sheets
+ casebound cover and clamshell box

INTRODUCTION by SHANNON PERICH, Curator Photographic History
Collection National Museum of American History

On March 1st with your help I will launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the publication of my first and only fine art monograph to gather my photography in one book. The purpose of this page is to make you aware of the upcoming campaign which will, as expected, contain the expected levels, rewards and incentives to encourage support. Please send me an email directly at or use the form below and I will be glad to answer your questions and keep you posted with updates as we move toward March 1st. Thanks!

Ethan Russell Kickstarter Campaign Video

The Kickstarter video as it will appear in the campaign. Find out about the book, the size, artists and events I photographed, (4:28)

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The Clamshell and Book

"It struck me that his was no ordinary eye, and I found out no ordinary mind behind it. A quiet thoughtful man with a blinding vision. Enjoy his work. I do." KEITH RICHARDS
Ethan Russell Monograph


Open dust jacket
Ethan Russell Monograph
"Patience Please A Drug Free America Comes First (is) one of the great rock n roll photos of all time." SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE
Ethan Russell Monograph

"Ethan Russell has taken some of the greatest pictures in rock n roll..maybe the greatest ever." BILL WYMAN
Ethan Russell Monograph
"His contributions were poetic and dramatic. His photographs were what I would call “fine”: they felt like the classics of Paul Strand. They look ready to put up in the National Gallery. As an artist himself, Ethan is the civilised eye on an uncivilised art-form: rock n roll." PETE TOWNSHEND
Ethan Russell Monograph
"We trusted Ethan as an artist, which made him invisible to us, and which allowed his photographs to capture our most intimate moments." MICK JAGGER:
Ethan Russell Monograph

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All materials © Ethan Russell 2019 except photographs of The Beatles © Apple Corps, Ltd. All rights reserved, Used with permission. Some photographs of John Lennon and John Lennon and Yoko Ono © Yoko Ono. All rights reserved. Used with permission.